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What is an Airsoft Electronic Trigger Unit(ETU)? Everything You Need To Know

by wangsandy on Apr 13, 2023

kestrel v2 airsoft etu

An airsoft ETU, or Electronic Trigger Unit, is an electronic control system used in some airsoft guns, particularly in AEGs (Automatic Electric Guns). The ETU replaces the traditional mechanical trigger system with a more advanced and responsive electronic system.

Airsoft ETU vs. MOSFET

First, let's clarify the difference between ETUs and MOSFETs. An ETU is an electronic control system that replaces the traditional mechanical trigger. At the same time, a MOSFET (Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor) is often built into ETUs to protect the gun's electrical components and improve battery efficiency. Both are crucial to modern airsoft guns, but they serve different functions. For example, when an ETU and MOSFET work together in an airsoft gun, they provide improved trigger response and programmable firing modes while protecting the gun's electrical components and optimizing battery life.

Key features of an airsoft ETU:

  1. Faster and more consistent trigger response.
  2. Programmable firing modes, such as semi-automatic, burst fire, and full-automatic.
  3. Reduction in mechanical wear and tear on internal components.
  4. It often includes a built-in MOSFET for additional benefits.

Key features of an airsoft MOSFET:

  1. Protects the electrical components of the airsoft gun from damage.
  2. It improves battery efficiency by regulating current flow.
  3. It can provide better control over the rate of fire.

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How an Airsoft ETU works?

An ETU comprises electronic components that interact with your airsoft gun's gearbox and other mechanical parts. It reads the gears and determines the position of the piston, ensuring that semi-auto fire only shoots one BB instead of pulling the piston back multiple times. Additionally, the ETU manages trigger response and firing modes, enabling a more customizable and enjoyable shooting experience. For instance, it allows players to switch between semi-automatic, burst fire, and full-automatic modes depending on the situation.

Benefits of using an Airsoft ETU

  1. Improved trigger response: Faster and more consistent trigger response enhances your gameplay, especially in rapid-fire scenarios.
  2. Programmable firing modes: Choose between semi-automatic, burst fire, and full-automatic modes to adapt to different situations.
  3. Reduced wear and tear: With no physical connection between the trigger and the gearbox, the ETU minimizes mechanical wear on internal components.
  4. Built-in MOSFET: Integrated MOSFETs protect your gun's electrical components and improve battery efficiency.
  5. Adjustable trigger sensitivity: Fine-tune your shooting experience by adjusting the trigger sensitivity, allowing you to tailor the responsiveness of the trigger to your personal preferences.

Popular features of modern Airsoft ETUs

  1. Pre-cocking: The piston is prepared before the shot, ensuring a faster trigger response.
  2. Adjustable trigger pull: Customize the length for a hair trigger or a long trigger pull.
  3. Multi-stage trigger pulls: Set different fire modes for half-pull and full-pull triggers.
  4. Customizable fire modes: Change the fire mode of the safe to add an extra mode or adjust the speed of the full auto to stay within field limits.
  5. Shot counters and statistics: Track your shooting performance with built-in counters.
  6. Rate of fire control: Maintain a consistent rate of fire regardless of battery voltage.

How to get an Airsoft ETU?

kestrel v2 airsoft etu

Kestrel V2 ETU is compatible with the standard Tokyo Marui V2 gearbox. It can make your AEG much smarter, more reliable, and faster in response. You can customize AEG's shooting parameters by connecting the "Eshooter" App to experience a different shooting Journey.

When choosing an ETU, consider compatibility with your gun and desired features. Hiring a professional airsoft technician is best to ensure optimal performance for installation and tuning.

Popular guns with built-in ETUs

Some popular airsoft guns with pre-installed ETUs include:

  • Double Eagle UTR45: The Double Eagle UTR45 is a high-performance, innovative airsoft SMG that stands out from other guns. Its unique style, monolithic upper receiver, high-quality materials, reversible charging handle, negative space attachment system, multi-position side folding stock, battery compartment, and air cushion inner barrel make it an excellent choice for airsoft enthusiasts.
  • DE Airsoft AEROKNOX AX//15: The M920A AX//15 airsoft rifle by DOUBLE EAGLE. Licensed by Aeroknox company, which provides modern products for the defense industry. The AX//15 rile is equipped with an Eshooter Kestrel V2 ETU and MOSFET. We manage settings and functions wirelessly using a smartphone.

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Airsoft ETUs are game-changers, providing improved trigger response, customizable firing modes, and reduced wear and tear on your gun. If you're serious about enhancing your airsoft experience, consider upgrading your gun with an ETU or purchasing a gun with a pre-installed ETU. Once you've experienced the power and performance offered by an airsoft ETU, you won't want to return to a traditional mechanical trigger system.


How does an airsoft ETU improve trigger response?

An airsoft ETU controls the trigger mechanism electronically, eliminating the mechanical lag between pulling and firing the gun. This results in a faster, more consistent trigger response, enhancing the shooting experience.

Can an airsoft ETU be installed in any airsoft gun?

A: Airsoft ETUs are primarily designed for AEGs (Automatic Electric Guns), which use batteries and electric motors to operate. Compatibility with specific models may vary, so it's essential to check the compatibility of the ETU with your airsoft gun before installation.

How does an airsoft ETU affect battery life?

A: An airsoft ETU can improve battery efficiency by electronically managing the current flow and optimizing power use during firing. In many cases, ETUs also have a built-in MOSFET, which further protects the electrical components and enhances battery life.

Can I install an airsoft ETU, or do I need a professional?

While it's possible to install an airsoft ETU yourself if you have the necessary technical skills and knowledge, it's generally recommended to have a professional airsoft technician handle the installation and tuning. This ensures optimal performance, compatibility, and safety of your airsoft gun.

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