Eshooter Kestrel V2 Airsoft ETU for V2 Gearbox

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Kestrel V2 ETU is compatible with the standard Tokyo Marui V2 gearbox. It can make your AEG much smarter, more reliable, and faster in response. You can customize AEG's shooting parameters by connecting the "Eshooter" App to experience a different shooting Journey.

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Support Brushless Motor

Highly efficient, durable, and reliable

Active Brake

Increase gearbox and inside parts' service life.


Enhancing trigger response.

Surface Conformal coating

Freedom from adverse environmental influences

Battery Protection

Protection against Over-Discharge of the Battery

Eshooter APP

Download the app to experience all the features

1 Base plate - The sturdy foundation of the ETU system for reliable performance.
2 Sensor - Enables precise and consistent trigger control for smooth shooting.
3 Power cord - Connects the ETU to a reliable power source for optimal performance.
4 Top plate - Houses electronic components in a lightweight and compact design for easy maintenance.
5 Magazine button - conserve ammunition and streamline reloading.


Voltage Range:

3.75 - 17V



Dimensions (L/W/H):

47.4 x 28.7 x 13.5(mm)

Product Weight:




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