Eshooter Flare Mono Tracer Unit

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Kestrel V2 Basic is a low-budget option for enjoy the reliable ETU to upgrade your AEG. Set your wanted pre-cocking level, different SEMI & AUTO functions with easy programming steps.

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Simple Yet Functional

-3 Types color adjustment

-Wake up by shaking

-Fast response 50+RPS

-And so on...

3 Mode Options

Switch Modes during gameplay, adapting to situations or experimenting with effects, without taking it off.

Different BBs Supported

Try to test with different BBs, you will get different effects. We highly suggest the Green bbs then you can get the most efficient beams.

Shake to Wake

It will automatically sleep after five minutes of inactivity to save power, and wake up with gentle vibration.

IP64 Level

Dustproof and Waterproof in your daily using.

Four High-Brightness Lamp Beads

These 4 lamp beads will make sure you can track all your shoot, higher luminous brightness and luminous efficiency.

Battery Life

35k Rounds! Standby for 5 Days!



L54 x D28 (mm)

Product Weight:


Battery Capacity

200 mAh

Temperature Range:

-20 ~ 60℃

Working Current:


Standby Current: