Eshooter Sentry 2 BT Wireless Target

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The Sentry 2 BT Wireless Target with Bluetooth & app integration! Connect to the Eshooter app for exciting shooting games, performance tracking, and target customization. Take training to the next level with interactive challenges and competitions. The same durability as Sentry 2, withstands 10,000+ airsoft shots and auto-resets.

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Sentry 2 BT

Sentry 2

APP Connection
Training Mode
Battle Mode
Unstoppable Mode
IPSC Scoring Rules
RGB Lighting
Blue Green Red Purple Cyan Yellow Orange
Blue Green Red
Shooting Hit Feedback
RGB light (hit), Red light (low battery)
Blue&Green light (hit), Red light (low battery)
Shots Before Reset/Replacement
Multi-Scenario Training

Training Mode - Standard & Random

  • Standard Play: Training to shoot down all the connected targets in a shorter time. We will notice you the results when you shooting finished.
  • Random Play: In a limited time, get higher score with your shoot hitting and avoid to shot the hostage target, or it will cut your scores.
  • Scoring Rules: All scores are calculated with reference to IPSC rules, keep practicing and get higher scores.

Battle Mode

Set Different Players: Play Up to 5 Players! Let's see who can knock down their team's targets first.

Unstoppable Mode

  • This mode won't limited time or scores, it always reset stand up like a unbeatable solider!
  • After setting done, this mode can be working even you accidently turn off the app!

Automatic Resetting


BB bullets,Gel blaster and Nerf

Suitable for bb bullets gel blaster and nerf

1 RGB Sensor Light-Color chaging when your shoot it.
2 Detachable Design-Freely customize/replace the plate if you have any fantastic idea.
3 SUS304 Stainless Steel-Lasering logo won't be scratched, feel free to hit it.
4 Type-C Charging Port-Easy and convenient charge with charging cable.
5 Control Button-Turn on the target and switch the light setting from all light on or off.
6 Durable Nylon Base-Around 2.5mm thickness glass fiber, protect from BBs shooting.



146 x 91 x 172 mm (L/W/H)


285 g (Without Battery)

Case Materials:

PA6 + Hardened Stainless Steel

Temperature Rage:

- 10℃ ~ 60℃

Battery Type:

3.7 V Button Top 18650 Lithium Battery

Rated Input:

5V 1A

Standby Current:

<40 mA

Working Current:


User Age:

14 +

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