Eshooter Flare M BT Tracer Unit

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The Advanced Version of Eshooter Tracer Unit! It's not only tracer but also a chrnograph. With connect Eshooter APP, this tracer will give you many customize settings, one touch to get unique tracer beams.

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APP Functions

- Each shot checking.

- Color adjustment.

- Drag light setting.

- Tracer mode setting and so on...

Real Time Display

Record the data of EACH SHOT, showing in m/s, RPS, joule and other you wanna know.

Mode Selection

3 Different mode options. Customize color and brightness levels from 1 to 10.

Rainbow Color

Design your own rainbow color sequence and length.

Dynamic Rainbow

Fire each color in a setting time, all colors will be cycling according your setting.

Different BBs Supported

Try to test with different BBs, you will get different effects. We
highly suggest the Green bbs then you can get the most efficient beams.

Battery Life

50k Rounds! Standy for 7 Days!



L54 x D28 (mm)

Product Weight:


Battery Capacity

320 mAh

Temperature Range:

-20 ~ 60℃

Working Current:


Standby Current: