Eshooter Sentry 1 Pro Dry Fire Training System

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Eshooter Sentry Dry Fire Laser Training System works by attaching a laser sight to your firearm pair-up laser training target, allowing you to practice shooting without live ammunition. The laser module emits a red laser beam, simulating the trajectory of a real bullet. The system also includes software that can track and record your shooting performance, providing feedback and allowing you to identify areas that need improvement.
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App multi-target wireless connection

Connect all targets with one click, up to 32 targets can be connected

Target automatic fast reset

Target up and down 10000 times +

Training mode

Set the shooting mode through the app, you can choose standard or random

Matchmaking mode

Set the match mode through the app, this mode can choose the group of players Up to 5 groups

Carrier mode available

Suitable for SEHNTRY laser transmitters High interference immunity

No carrier mode

Wide compatibility Suitable for conventional IR emitters

IPSC scoring rules

The APP will display the score in real time. If the APP is not actively resting, the score of hitting the target will be displayed in real time. Scoring is in accordance with IPSC scoring standards.

Suitable application scenarios

1 Eshooter SENTRY transmitter sight mainly worked with the SENTRY V501 wireless target to complete the shooting action of transmitting and receiving.
2 V501 wireless laser target is mainly used for dry fire training, shooting range training and other shooting scenarios. It works with laser shooter simulator together and there are 2 optional laser mode. Which could improve your shooting accuracy, reaction speed and make your shooting more safer, convenient and interesting.

V500 Specifications


75 x 35 x 38 mm(L/W/H)


68.5 g( Without Battery)

Case Materials:

PA6 + metal +nylon+glass fiber(mm)

Laser wavelength:

650 ± 10 nm


- 10℃ ~ 40℃

Standby Current:

10 mA

User Age:

14 +

Battery Type:

3.7v button top 16340 Lithium battery

V501 Specifications


146 x 91 x 156 mm(L/W/H)


373 g( With Battery)

Case Materials:

PA6 + Metal

Laser wavelength:


Carrier Frequency:

38-56KHZ(Carrier Mode)

Temperature Rage:

- 10℃ ~ 60℃

Standby Current:

50 mA

Rated Input:

5V 1A

User Age:

14 +

Battery Type:

Button Top 18650 Lithium battery 3.7V