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How do I even start with Airsoft?

by wangsandy on Jun 28, 2022

How do I even start with Airsoft?



Perhaps you're a total newbie for Airsoft, and you may ask "how do I even start with Airsoft?”. To answer this big, general question, we need to break it down into smaller questions as follows.

Firstly, check the law

The regulations and limits on Airsoft gun vary by country. So, check your local laws before you buy any gun. If playing Airsoft is permitted in your nation, be sure to research the maximum muzzle velocity permitted and place your purchase appropriately.

Make sure you like it before buy it

Ask your Airsoft-playing friend if you can borrow some equipment and a gun. You might even rent them from a nearby Airsoft field. By doing this, you can confirm that you want to start this hobby without having to make a purchase just yet. By playing one or twice games, you may determine whether you truly enjoy Airsoft, and if you are confident that you will find satisfaction there, it is still possible to purchase an Airsoft gun.

Skirmish or Milsim games 

Skirmish is unquestionably the finest option for an Airsoft Rookie. The reason being, this is the most popular airsoft game type that most sites run on weekends and is the perfect way to encourage brand-new players to enjoy the game. Everyone, regardless of age or gender, can participate because they are so simple and relaxing. Everybody is kept engaged throughout the day by a variety of games that are played, ensuring that there are never any dull periods.

Avoid injury by safety gear

Protective eyewear is the most important safety gear. Others may be referred to as tactical equipment or comfort equipment.

A health mindset is important for beginner

It's a reality that you will get hit more frequently than you hit someone. No one can be John Wick at the first time, especially when you are an Airsoft beginner without military background. Just simply have fun, make jokes with your friends, and have a good time and you'll start to feel better and see your improvement after a few games.

Game of honor

Each player has the ability to keep games interesting and fair for everyone else, and this is how you can contribute. So, be honest with yourself. Always shout your hit as clearly and loudly as you can, and maintain your hand in the air until you spawn back in.


Be safe and also have fun!

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