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Overview of the AEG System Development

by E SHOOTER on Aug 26, 2022

Overview of the AEG System Development <Part 2>


Top JAPAN is also a Japanese AEG manufacturer. In the early years, it made some unpopular AEG replicas. In 2010, Top JAPAN released the news of an electric blow black system. Currently, it is making various AR-type shell ejecting guns.

This is a realistic ammunition supply structure in which the BB bullet is loaded into the model shell and pressed into the magazine. The first shell needs to be loaded manually like a real gun, and the empty shell can be thrown out after firing.

This kind of shell ejecting toy gun which fidelity is very high was called Electric Blow Back by company, and now any stun gun with a similar action effect is called EBB.

Top EBB itself is a system developed based on AEG, so it can use most of the AEG accessories including the receiver, and the gearbox itself is similar in shape to the V2 gearbox.

EBB is different from AEG in operation mode. It adopts the process of firing first and then returning to the chamber. The piston needs to be manually compressed backward and put on the sear, which is mechanically released by the trigger.

Simply, it is a composite system of mechanical and electronic control, and the failure rate is relatively high. In order to simulate the appearance of bolt, the cylinder capacity is reduced very small, and the characteristics of shell ejection also determine that it has no practicality.

ICS split gearbox

ICS is a toy factory which produce GBB pistols, but it entered a period of industry downturn when happened to meet the period of Taiwan's toy gun management regulations.

Until the 1990s,the ICS brand was founded because the regulations on the administration of toy guns were declared unconstitutional. Then began to produce TM-standard AEGs, not only production,but also began to upgrade and improve the AEG system very early.

At that time, it pioneered the split-type gearbox. The advanced concept of the box (earlier than PTW) was originally planned to be applied to the MP5 gun type, but it was later considered that the AR receiver was suitable for this structure.

Affected by poor quality control and some design flaws in the early stage, the response of the first-generation split AEG was not very good.However, the structure of the split gearbox still has great advantages. The maintenance, spring replacement, and cylinders with different air volumes of traditional AEG all need to go through the complicated process of dismantling the gearbox and combining the gearbox.The split-type gearbox can quickly change the spring with a quick-release tail top, or directly replace the entire upper gearbox.

Different from PTW, the gearbox of ICS is fully compatible with the parts of AEG specification, so it is relatively friendly to retrofit and upgrade.The latest ICS split gearboxes now have pre-cocking with built-in electronic fire control and some kind of spring release that slows down by reversing the motor.

There are also other manufacturers in the market that produce split gearboxes with similar structures and compatible with AEG receivers. Some require a dedicated split receiver like ICS to achieve split, while others do not have the function of fold-down split. Just structurally more convenient to split than AEG.

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