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Maintenance Cleaning Guide for AEG

by E SHOOTER on Sep 23, 2022

Maintenance Cleaning Guide for AEG

Making some basic maintenance and cleaning work regularly on your Airsoft gun will effectively ensure that the gun can work stably and continuously, and can extend the service life of the Airsoft gun.

Knowing some basic common knowledge about the internal mechanical structure of guns could help you judge some minor problems which occur in Airsoft guns in advance, which can not only solve problems timely but also prevent minor problems from turning into big problem eventually .

Many Airsoft players actually enjoy the process of dismantling, cleaning and reassembling their beloved Airsoft guns, so they are not too worried about the repair and maintenance work, it isn't too difficult, and not boring, but it can be greatly improve your hands-on ability.

Today, let's talk about some basic maintenance methods and precautions about AEG

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AEG - Automatic electric gun, means the gun is powered by batteries. Therefore, using batteries correctly and reasonably is the primary task. Since most batteries used by AEG are lipo batteries, which is lithium polymer batteries, there are several very important points to note:

About the battery

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Do not continuously charge the same battery more than 2.5 hours, and do not fully discharge the battery.

If the power of the gun begins to drop and the trigger response becomes slow during use, stop using the battery to prevent damage to the battery due to excessive discharge.

You can leave the battery in the gun when you're ready to put it back in the pouch or case, but make sure to unplug the battery and disconnect it from the gun. Not only for safety reasons, but leaving the battery connected to the gun all the time will eventually lead to a complete discharge of the battery and thus the end of the battery life.

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The way to safely store batteries is to store them in this special battery safety bag. The safety bag will create a safe insulating environment, thereby preventing some adverse consequences caused by the battery aging and short circuit.

About AEG itself

1.Always remember to keep the barrel emptied.

Firstly remove the magazine from the gun, you may see a few BBs fall out of mag well, then adjust the gun to semi-automatic mode, shoot two or three more rounds to make sure the barrel is emptied, BB bullets are not kept inside.

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2.If you have used the automatic mode to shoot, then before you are ready to put the gun away and no longer use, put the gun in semi-automatic mode, then shoot one or two more times, then turnto safeand put the gun away. This could relieve pressure of the internal spring, otherwise the spring will be in a compressed state during the period of storage of the gun, which will reduce the performance of the gun and even shorten its life.

3.Don't overuse in dry fire training, especially under full auto mode.

Some people will say that dry fire is ok, but it is better not to over dry fire, because excessive dry fire can cause some damage to the internal parts. And then to sum it up in a simpler way, Just because you can do it, doesn't mean you should.

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4.Don't use inferior BBs, don't reuse BBs.

I've seen some players use very poor quality BB in their Tokyo Marui guns, it really puzzles me. It's like if you've bought a high class car and, in order to save money on fuel, use alcohol instead of regular gasoline. BB bullets cannot be reused because those BB bullets that have been used may already have cracks inside, and reuse may break those BB bullets in their own barrels, resulting in damage to internal parts. The price of a pack of high-quality BB bullets is actually very affordable. Take the standard 0.20g BB bullet as an example. A bag of $20, weighing 1kg, has a capacity of 5,000 rounds, which is enough to play by yourself for a long time.

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5.Avoid shooting in full auto mode continuously for long periods of time

The main reason is that the high-intensity fully automatic mode will greatly increase the wear and tear of the internal parts of the gun and reduce the service life. Using the semi-automatic shooting mode will extend the life of the Airsoft gun very well.

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6.clean the barrel

Regularly cleaning the barrel is an important maintenance part, especially if you are using precision tubes. This can prevent unnormal objects from blocking the barrel and prevent shooting with unnormal objects, otherwise the BB may be stuck in the barrel. Keeping the barrel open at all times is a prerequisite for maintaining high shooting accuracy. Note that when using Ssilicon oil and cleaning rod to clean the barrel, keep the hop-up chamber dry, do not let the silicon oil pass through the hop-up, otherwise it will affect the normal work of hop-up.

These are some basic knowledge about how to maintain your AEG, hope it can help you. For more complicated operations such as cleaning the internal gearbox and changing the lubricant, then the experienced maintenance players is strongly recommended.

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