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AEG Modification Introduction For AR Series

by E SHOOTER on Sep 27, 2022

AEG Modification Introduction For AR Series <Part 1>

The purpose of self-modification is to buy AEG parts on the market to reassemble the whole gun based on your own preferences. The accessories are not expensive, and the performance is better than the original factory (at least AEG is ... )

The self-modification of AEG is not difficult, because the principle is to change the shell of the gearbox.  If you only plan to buy the finished whole gearbox, the self-modification is just a "shell".

The most popular AEG is the AR system, (of course AK can also be modified...) because the most on the market is AR accessories... (and only AR accessories), although it is a toy gun, but also requires a certain knowledge of light weapons to prevent The appearance of some stupid mistakes, such as what is AR?

The relevant AR knowledge will not be repeated in this article,just start how to choose parts of AEG.


The main body of AR may affect the selection of all parts in the future.

source:hero outdoors

Investigate the quality, tolerance, gearbox and parts adaptation of various manufacturers. Pay more attention to the evaluation on the Internet before making a decision. This maybe a long process, but you will not regret it if you do enough homework.


The rest is only a matter of personal preference. There are various receivers with different lettering and appearance to choose from on the market, but it should be noted that some receivers with special appearance must be equipped with special handguards, otherwise they will look very weird.

Related receiver accessories:

Lower Receiver Pin


source:ehobby asia

The front and rear pins of the upper and lower receivers. Generally speaking, the receiver will come with a set and a small pin for fixing the gearbox. These two pins can also be purchased from third parties. Some receiver structures can use real gun style quick release pins.

Charging Handle、Dummy Bolt、Bolt Catch


A set of receivers usually comes with a charging handle. Some receivers do not have a Dummy Bolt. You can also choose a other brand. As for the bolt catch, generally speaking, it has no function.

If the gearbox has a recoil function, these three parts are different

Mag Release Button


Generally, the receiver comes with it, and there are also some rare ambi mag release buttons on the market.

Safety selector


Generally, the receiver comes with it, and of course there is an ambi selector, but this depends on whether the gearbox is applicable.


The core of AEG, AR uses the No. 2 gearbox. The picture shows a gearbox with recoil and ambi selector functions.

source:RedWolf Airsoft


Because there are slight differences among gearboxes produced by different manufacturers, in order to reduce the workload, be sure to choose the gearbox that fits the receiver as much as possible.

Common materials for wave shells are zinc alloy and aluminum. The former is cheaper and is also the choice of most players.



Strictly speaking, the motor is a part of the gearbox. There are various general magnets, strong magnets, various rare earths, etc. on the market...and brushless...

V2 gearbox is 480 long-axis motor. Other parameters are selected according to the specific conditions of the gearbox. It is not marked with high speed is the best. If there is an ETU, a brushless motor is recommended.



The common M16A2 grip, there is not much to say about the selection of the grip.


However, pay attention to this kind of grip with ears, the picture is Magpul MOE, it can't match some receivers well, and the adaptability is not as good as the one without ears.

Let’s talk about other other parts.


Green:Buffer Tube  

Yellow:Buffer Tube Lock&Receiver End Plate

Tube Lock and receiver end plate are required, AR quick release stock requires buffer tube.

Note: The receiver and buffer tube are divided into long and short tails. Be sure to choose the right one, and stocks like M16 do not need a buffer tube.

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