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Overview of the GBB System Development

by E SHOOTER on Sep 09, 2022

Overview of the GBB System Development <Part 1>

What is GBB

GBB is short for Gas Blow Back, which is the name of a mode operation, which means gas is used as power to recoil.

The introduction of gas gun and the Blow-forward

In 1985, MGC (ModelGuns Corporation) released Beretta 93R, which uses an independent magazine to accommodate BB bullets and liquid gas, and could continuous shooting in the form of a double-action trigger. This is the first gas-powered toy gun (Gas gun) in the world, at that time, Japan's Wargame equipment only had the most primitive hand-pulled spring toy gun. Of course, the gas gun provided a great advantage to the game.

The slide of the MGC cannot move and structure is simple, also the principle is almost same with the current direct pressure 4.5 Airgun.

Toy guns powered by liquid gas became popular. In 1986, Tokyo Marui launched a gas gun that could simulate the movement of a real gun slide. The earliest product was the S&W M59.

However, the design of TM is not GBB, but a special Blow-forward operation structure. The slide is always maintained in the back seat by the spring, and it is re-entered by gas pressure.

 Since then, TM has also launched other models with different appearances, but this kind of front dash structure is extremely poor in practicality, and it can't make any progress.


From the first GBB gun to the modern GBB system

In 1991 TM released an electric toy gun, and MGC also launched a new gas gun product, which is the first real GBB Glock17.

Compared with TM's forward thrust system, G17 not only has the same recoil stroke as the real gun, but also inherits the practicality of 93R.

However, there is still a big difference with the modern GBB system on the structure .

The most obvious point is that it does not have a hammer, and the firing relies on the trigger to push the outlet valve. The barrel does not simulate a swing lock. As for that large piece, we now call it a closed-bore structure (closed system). Due to the separation of the structural parts, the sliding sleeve of this G17 moves very fast, and the recoil is not as good as that of the modern GBB.

1994 is a special year because WA (Western Arms) launched the first modern GBB toy gun, which prototype is Beretta M9.

From now on, you can pull open the sleeve to inspect the chamber, disassemble the toy gun like real gun, this is called the open chamber structure.

MGC 93R has also launched V2 version. This new version has a reloading function and restores the 93R's Selector.The shooting mode can be switched between semi-automatic and three-shot burst.

Regretably, MGC went bankrupt in the same year.

By the way, the earliest GBB Blowback Housing were a little different from today, such as WA's positive pressure Blowback Housing structure.

Because BB participates in the action of Loading Nozzle closing, the air output is not stable. The later improved version is the common negative pressure Blowback Housing structure.

But whether it is MGC, WA, positive and negative pressure structure, the invention and design of these things are actually the same person: Tanio Kobayashi.

A Legendary Model Gun Engineer

Tanio Kobayashi(こばやし たぞう)

Tanio Kobayashi worked as a commercial designer initially, designing and making some model guns, then joined MGC in 1961.

MGC itself is actually a company that produces model guns, so in the later 20 years, Tanio Kobayashi only designed model guns at MGC. Till Wargame appeared the demand for airsoft guns was increasing. At that time, the relevant legislation has not been completed. Players mainly use single-shot hand-pulled spring toy guns. The consequence of a single type of equipment is that everyone is pursuing a higher initial speed to suppress each other at a longer distance, which has caused industry insiders to worry about future policies, and then story of 93R had started.

In 1991, Tanio Kobayashi became independent from MGC and established Tanio Koba, as an independent designer and provided opinion and technical guidance to other manufacturers in the industry. There are rumors that he went to Marui for a while.

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