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Can Airsoft be used for real training?

by sandy wang on Jun 24, 2022

Can Airsoft be used for real training?

On August 10, 2019, T.REX ARMS released a video of Can Airsoft Translate to Real Firearm Skill?. The tactical internet celebrity Lucas led the Japanese guy Liku to shoot video with him at his shooting range. Liku is an Airsoft player from Japan. Because he likes Lucas very much, he often appears in the standard costume of Lucas in his daily YouTube training videos. Lucas also called him a "clone" after meeting him. "With his experience in training with GBB toys in the video, Liku easily became familiar with the operation of real firearms, and was praised by the trainers present.

In the post-epidemic era, due to a series of reasons, the price of ammunition in the United States has continued to rise, and the supply is in short supply. This is undoubtedly a disaster for most people who own guns but don't have adequate ammo reserves. At the same time, a group of tactical influencers began to promote the use of Airsoft to simulate real training to alleviate the negative impact of ammunition shortages (cannot start training at any time).

As a replica of a firearm, Airsoft toys can basically be the same as real iron in terms of appearance and operation, which satisfies one of the basic conditions for training as real Firearm . In terms of power, GBB toys powered by gas are better than AEG toys, and are closer to real iron in terms of fidelity. There is no doubt that GBB toys are more suitable for the job. Can be easily used in daily real firearm training programs.

The technology of AEG toys is also innovating. In the early days, due to the limitations of AEG toys, the original toys could not achieve the same level of simulation as GBB, but with the support of the new wave box, fire control and related Airsoft peripherals, it can achieve Almost the same simulation as GBB.

In summary, using Airsoft for daily Dryfire training is competent, and Airsoft equipment is available in a wider range than real Firearm , and can also be obtained in most gun-banned countries, making more trainers who love this sport. Do basic training.

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