Eshooter Sentry Laser Sight Simulator

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Hitting the bull's eye

Adjust Your Crosshairs For Better Hits

Quick Installation

Easy Setup On Picatinny Rail

Laser Sensing

Fire The Laser Beam According To The Gunshots To Hit Target

Automatic sleep

Long Press Button To Wake UP If 15 Minutes Without Working

Small and portable

Two Colors Available

1 Laser Head
2 Picatinny rail
3 Button



75 x 35 x 38 mm(L/W/H)


68.5 g( Without Battery)

Case Materials:

PA6 + metal +nylon+glass fiber(mm)

Laser wavelength:

650 ± 10 nm


- 10℃ ~ 40℃

Standby Current:

10 mA

User Age:

14 +

Battery Type:

3.7v button top 16340 Lithium battery